Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Get-To-Know From KB's Blog

More about Karianne

Other than your name, what was the last name someone called you?
Savior. No BS. From a grateful client. Ha!

How old were your parents when you were born?
Very young 16 and 17 or one year older than that.

If you could find one long lost friend of the past, who would it be?
There was an awesome massage therapist that I used to work with at all old job that would lead you thru guided imagery before your session. She was amazing. I miss her so much.

Was your sixth grade teacher a man or a woman?

What was the last thing you drank?
Cranberry juice

At what age do you think a person starts to get old?
When one loses their spirit. (Not my answer, but great answer KB)

What was the last thing you celebrated?
My mommy's bday yesterday! I love her so much!

Have you ever had any teeth pulled?
14. I'd rather not go into that one.

What was the first job you ever had?

Do you wash your hair or your body first when taking a shower?

Are your parents still married?
Nope, thank God they divorced when I was a teen. They were great friends but horrible marrieds!

What is the toy you remember the most as a kid?
My nana had a whole cupboard of "frilly dillys" that we would dress up in. Imagine olden time penoir sets with the silk roses and matching roses. I so wish that I had them now. She always dressed for bed. I wear a ratty old robe that is like my wubbie.

Do you think you will vote this year?
Democrat baby. No question. Can't go against my voting tradition.

What was the last thing you cooked in the oven?
Caramel rolls yesterday.

What craft do you think your good at?
Unfortunately for the recipients of my gifts, I kind of think that I'm good at everything. Sorry guys.

What was the first tape/cd/record you owned?
The New Zoo Revue or Mickey and The Beanstalk. I wore them out! Just ask my mom. I think that she still has nightmares.

Have you ever eaten something other people might think is gross?
I'll try anything, so for all of the tender stomachs here I'll spare you details. Just let me remind you all that my grandma was filipina and they consider some nasty things delicacies.

What famous person do you like that others may not?
Joan Rivers. She enthralls me.

Have you ever invented anything?
My own fantasy world in my mind when life gets too much.

Where is the most unique place you like to eat?
Any place that is a hole in the wall with questionable sanitation. It drives Chris batty the places I find in our scary neighborhoods.

Who do you think you clash with the most?
Oh, do you really want to know the list? You guys think that I'm sweet, but there's quite a list of people who I would fight if given the chance. And I'm sure that they'd say the same about me.

What time of day are you most likely sitting on your couch?

What color is your toothbrush?
Pink sparkles. I have to use a kid's brush. Hence the major teeth pulling.

What is the closest grocery store to your house?

When was the last time you colored with crayons?
This morning

Have you ever owned a plant? What was it?
I have outdoor bedding plants and rose bushes. Bring me anything inside and it's a goner.

Have you met anyone famous?
Reba McEntire. And it is one of my favorite memories since I adore her!

What was the worst injury you have ever had?
Not really an injury either, but I was born super early and lived in the incubator for months.

At thanksgiving dinner, what is the first thing you go for?

When you were a kid, who was your best pal?
My sister. She still is!

Do you have any special talents?
I’m a great listener and I love to hear about other's lives. Hence, I'm a blog addict.

Have you ever been to a nursing home?
Yes. It wasn't that bad actually.

What kind of job did your mom have when you were growing up?
Many, many jobs until she opened a child care in our house and then grew it into a huge business.

Have you ever known anyone thats been on tv, including you?
Yes, my dad used to do a lot of commercials for a local restaurant. I've actually done some voice work for local commercials as well.

What was the most interesting animal you have seen in the wild?
Chipmunks amaze me.

What holiday do you enjoy the most?
My birthday. Isn't that a national holiday yet? Or Valentine's Day if my birthday doesn't count.

What was the first video game you ever played?
Pong. I'm laughing right now.

What is the one thing you own, that if it got lost, you would be bummed?
My library card. which it did and I had to open an account in Ivy's name. Shhhh. Don't tell. Even tho my librarian told me to do it.

Do you have a favorite breakfast item?
Almost anything if it is after 11 in the morning. Other than that, I don't eat or drink. No appetite.

What do you find yourself buying all the time?
Clothes for myself and the kids. Little non essentials at the grocery. Junk rings, fake tattoos.

When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail?
Yesterday. With a gift certificate from my sis-in-law to customize my own perfume at a spa here in town. But the best part? Her card said, "You are my night-light" isn't that the cutest?

Do you have a most prized piece of jewlery?
I have a vintage necklace that I bought from KB that is my favorite necklace. It is just so me and so her. I adore it.

Oh, crap. I guess I should have said my wedding rings huh? They have cool stories to them. Yikes. Bad wifey.

Do you own any board games?
If it has Dora on it, you can bet I have it.

What article of clothing would you say you need more of in your wordrobe?
Bras. I have to go in and get fitted for the right size. Since I got pregs with Ivy, I have no idea what size I am. But I know that 34C isn't it, altho that is the size I buy.

What chore seems the most daunting right now?
Taxes. But not too bad if I break it down.

Were you born in the state you live in?

Have you ever lived in a house that has been broken into?
yes. every house that I've lived in. That's sad, huh? I'd never thought of that before.

What is your favorite cheese?
Havarti, but I had a white cheddar the other day that was really yum.

Who do you know that watches the most sports?
Myself or my sister or my brother.

What was the last magazine you read?
Vogue. Did you even have to ask?

Thank you KB!

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