Sunday, January 13, 2008

Five Happy Things From the Week

Not what I wore last night, but the tattoo is similar
1. Finally painting my nails "Skin Tight Denim" with new polish that I've had since Christmas.

2. Getting up off of my rear last night to go to a client's 30th birthday party, by myself! I was feeling so lame about skipping out since I couldn't find anyone to go with me that I just said, "F* it" and got ready and went. At 1030 at night! And had a ton of fun, rollin' into my drive about 200 just like I used to. I wore a pink and black striped tube top with an a-line hem down my hip. A black knit knee length sweater over the top, my jeans that I need to wear a thong with and my biker boots that lace up. I even put on a huge dragon fly tattoo that went over my collar bones (see above) with a tiny rhinestone solitaire necklace. Finally wearing some new going out clothes that have been burning a hole in my closet for months! I'll probably have to post more about this on PC as I keep thinking about some of the dynamics that were going on. But I was proud of myself, honored my wonderful client and danced so much I was sore today.

3. Having the kids' shots be over. Man, that is HUGE. And now I have all of the info to finish Bec's yearly report for the Ethiopian government. Last year I turned it in late. This year I'm on top of it!

4. Having my sister Landi's birthday be over. I'm pretty open minded about most everything, but I can't wrap my mind around people who do not enjoy their birthday. It is always such a tightrope walk to honor their wishes and still, she will end up pissed and crying. It is confusing to me, but I really try to be respectful. When she gets upset, I can't help but feel a tad responsible. Yeah, I know! Co-dependency is a flaw of mine. (with my sis that is)

5. Having Chris home to help with transportation. On some days I'm called in to transport my nephews and my niece which I adore. But some days it is a lot of juggling to be in a million places at the right time. Jack and Camilo at one end of town at 230. Jaiden at the other end at 245. Ju and Jaiya at 315. Sometimes they are ready, sometimes they aren't. When I got into a bind this past week Chris went and got J and C while I got the others then picked up Bec and Ivy. I guess that it is a small touch of what it might be like with a large family, which I've dreamed about at times. (That's 7 kids you guys!) Thankfully I don't have to do it everyday.

Here's to more little happinesses for us all in the coming week!


Katya said...

That tattoo is pretty rad. My sister has a real tattoo, blue roses, that goes over her collar bones. I would love to do something like that, but I'm afraid I'd regret it. Your way is perfect for that!

Katiefucious said...

Is that a real tattoo?

One of these days, I'll post photos of my two. Maybe we should have a "post a pic of your tat" day. :)

Christy said...

Im with you on the birthday thing. I dont like getting older but I totally love a good birthday celebration. Why be upset or have to walk on egg shells? It is just another day and it is the day of your birth-- the day you entered this world-- so celebrate it!!!

Christy :)

Melissa said...

Look at you gorgeous! You look the tat. I so live vicariously through you, my keep our life exciting!

alisonwonderland said...

Here's to more little happinesses for us all in the coming week!

here, here! :)

3 Beauties said...

you are toooo freakin' cool for me! I am proud of you for going out and enjoying yourself. Doing something for you!

the tat is rather cool.

i heart my punk princess karianne!

Carrie said...

What a happy week!!

Your outfit sounds hot!

Anonymous said...

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