Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Goals

Following Ashley's lead, here is my resolution for 2008. (I love resolutions too)

*work on my posture

My posture has always been a peeve of mine. I don't think that I ever really learned to stand up straight, so it's time to learn once and for all. This is what I'm going to do:

I purchased a small brace that pulls your shoulders back last month that really works for me. I'll be wearing it a few times a week when I'm home. I am going to put little post its around to remind myself to stand/sit up straight. One of my partners at the spa was trained to use athletic tape to help straighten the spine. I've had her do it to me a few times, but it is intense! so I'll have to work up to that one, and buy a few rolls of tape for my own personal use.

I have to have just one resolution, or I'll blow it by January 10th at least because I'd be too overwhelmed!


KrayonKel said...

Good call with only one. I understand what you mean.

My resolutions seems to come more around my birthday. But usually some resolutions appear around the first of the year too. But never the first day. :D LOL!

Karen Beth said...

I love this one, Karianne.

I used to have to wear a hard plastic back brace for my scoliosis and I miss it sometimes, as backward as that sounds.

Where did you get the brace that pulls your shoulders back?