Sunday, January 20, 2008

new shoes

Every day my principal gives a little morning annoucement to encourage the kids that day. They always end the same way: "Make it a great day.....or not, the choice is yours". I love that. I think it helps me look on the bright side; the glass is half full side of things.

So, I'm thinking of all the little things I'm grateful for.....and while this may seem a little materialistic, I think these just look Happy. You know, if inanimate things *could* look happy, that is!

sorry to those who expecting Jimmy Choo's or Manolo's---this is more my style! :)


Karianne said...

I love the colors, love the laces. They are so you! I can just picture you running in them on your running dates.

We should all do a post of our fave shoes. Mine are so falling apart, but I cannot give them up>

Karen Beth said...

Those are hot.

Ashley Winters said...

Awesome sneaks!

Katiefucious said...

Hey, anytime I get new shoes I'm happy!!!

I have a pair of shoes that I ONLY wear in the gym when we play volleyball. They have never stepped on the ground outside.

I will pay extra if I know they'll last a long time, too. I paid $120 for my pair of brown Doc's that I have had for years.

Carrie said...

They DO look happy! I think it's the color green. That is one of my favorite colors in the world - happy green!