Monday, May 12, 2008

Increasing Happiness

Thanks for posting more you guys! This site has turned out to be more than I ever imagined. Not that I ever expected it to have a use for cpmadvertisers or hits or anything, but the community we have built is impressive if you ask me.

I had an idea the other night about how we could learn more about each other and put more things on our happy list. My thought was that whenever I think of a post that I'd like to do, I'll also email the premise to our group. If you would like to contribute to that thread then you can either post over here or email back to me. The responses that are mailed back to me, I'll put up over here to share with all of us.

I'm going to put this into an email for all of us along with my first prompt that I thought of this weekend. If any of you come up with any more prompts, go ahead and do the same thing if you want to!

As always, if you have something that strikes you as happy outside of the offered question, post away!

Love to you all,


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