Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten on Tuesday-10 Things I'm Good At

1. Acting on cravings- Once I decide that I want to either eat something, or have something, that's it. One track mind on the goal, getting there is always kind of twisty though. Sometimes, as far as the eating and cravings are concerned, I may need to check out lipovox reviews to keep the weight in check.

2. Going with my gut. If I have a feeling, I can't be "talked out" of it. I'll be honest if I'm uncertain, but I'm also honest about being certain.

3. Naming my kids. Kind of goes with #2. You know, in all honesty, they kind of name themselves!

4. Being dramatic. (Had to copy this one from KB)

5. Putting my own spin on an outfit or trend. I may own items that everyone else does, but I sure don't rock them like everyone else.

6. Being nice to myself. I learned this early on in my twenties and haven't looked back. No one else is responsible for me.

7. Treating my kids like people and with respect. They don't have to prove anything to me. They just are.

8. Listening and encouraging. I love to hear where people are in their lives and how creative and unique every person is.

9. Stepping back. If I'm not sure about a certain direction, I won't decide anything until I feel ready. I can easily step back and be undecided until I'm decided.

10. Smiling. For the most part, a smile comes easily to my face.

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