Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my happy list

I feel like I haven't posted here in ...well, forever. It's sort of intentional; I haven't felt super happy lately. Nothing fatal, but definitely in a funk. I love coming to read others' happiness, hoping it'll rub off on me. :)

I'm sick of the place I've been, so I was pondering the simple pleasures that bring me joy even in the midst of general "unrest"...

1. feeling the brain fog lift after nearly a week of mostly raw food
2. 22 days of school left before summer
3. my friend at Starbucks who always has time to chat while I wait for my chai
4. a piano recital by my 6 year old boy
5. a new Japanese Maple waiting to be planted in the yard
6. the almost-completed new patio out back...
7. a fun Etsy purchase to brighten my day and my table
8. walking 7.46 miles with my sister-in-law
9. delightful co-workers who are also friends
10. thinking of my friend with her new baby and sharing in her joy!

1 comment:

Karianne said...

Where is all of the funkiness coming from?? Before I thought that it was seasonal, but it has just continued for all of us. Is it a happiness jinx for the happiness girls? Please no!

I did a cleanse a few weeks ago and I adored it. I love the fact that you are such a do-er Melly. Not just a talker.

Our japanese maple barely hangs on every year. but, i'm glad tha we have one.

You are going to live on that patio this summer!

aren't sister's in law so worth it? I have no idea how I would survive w/o mine.

remember, if you need to send out an email of vileness, i'll take it. misery loves company. and then you'll enjoy an email of vile in return. love ya!