Sunday, May 25, 2008

This might change, but for now

We are having a pretty ok day and we are expecting people over for a bbq at 3:00. (are you guys gonna make it?)

Although I loathe entertaining, Ivy has really taken to having family at "her own house" and since she gets so giddy about it, how can I stand in her way and her dad's way? Obviously, I can't. In fact, I think that Chris was almost ready to not entertain today, but Ivy talked him into it! Now, that's a first!

Yesterday was spent preparing, with more prep work going on right now. I was the one that had to do the errands which thankfully, got me out of yard work. While at A*CE, not looking at basement dehumidifiers, I searched in vain for a bolt to replace the pedal of the kid's broken bike video game. No such luck. Washing the cars, and shopping for food and supplies.

Right now Chris is finishing the yard while I'm trying to get the kids to nap. And like I said, so far it's ok.

No panic attacks or stress yet. And since I can't drink or take my Xanax, that's enough to make me happy!


KrayonKel said...

Ooooo! I didn't get the invite until too late, or I would have come! ;)

Hey, so Joel has family in Yakima! Isn't that crazy!

Anonymous said...

Karianne... I totally know what you're talking about... We had a huge party on Saturday and I did great!! It was my first one (besides the holidays)... and it went well!!

I hope and pray yours went just as well as mine did!

Last year at this time I wasn't going outside at all!