Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is Raw Diet?

When we were all contributing to the yahoo! group, I noticed some of you mentioned the "raw diet."

I was like, "What's that?" but I just hadn't had time to do any research.

So this evening, I checked my email, and a friend had sent me an email that someone had sent her regarding enzymes, and a gentleman who had cured his own pancreatic cancer using megadoses of pancreatic enzymes, yada yada yada (it's a long email, I won't post it unless you request it, and then I will only post it to the yahoo! group's email).

At the end of the email was a link to a woman's site who had used homeopathic and nutritional healing techniques to overcome breast cancer.

I clicked on the link, and the website is very interesting. It also mentions the raw diet.

So ladies, enlighten me. I can do my own research, but it would be cool to hear it from some people I know who are doing it. :)

What is the raw diet? And how does it make you feel? Do you feel better when you're on it?

I know we, as a family, need to eat less sugar, less processed foods, etc. Right now when we are so busy, it's just quicker to pull a frozen pizza out and cook it, but in the future, when things settle down, I hope to start a healthier eating regimen for us.

You don't eat raw meat, do you? Or is it more like a vegetarian/vegan diet?

Let's see some posts about your experiences!


Melissa said...

Can I jump in? I'm no expert by any means, but I am in week 2 of raw coaching with "Happy Foody" (that's her blog name). Raw means nothing is cooked above 115* (I think that's it..or 118*) so the digestive enzymes aren't killed.

I'm starting each day with 32oz. of green smoothie (banana/lemon/spinach/ice/water). I've been taking 16oz. with me to work to drink when I start getting hungry as well. Then, during the day I'm eating a huge green salad with a raw dressing (Raw.com has tons of raw recipes). I've also been trying to make some raw meals.

I have to say that my "brain fog" has definitely lifted. But, right now things are uber busy at work/home/etc. so I still feel like I'm dragging big time.

On Saturday I had a non-raw day---not on purpose,but I didn't plan well and ended up eating lunch meat, some crackers, etc. Nothing major, but it took me a day to feel back to normal.

I don't think I can be 100% raw---whenever I deprive myself of somethign I tend to perseverate on that forbidden thing/things. BUT, I can see incorporating many things daily into my diet (green smoothies/ a salad per day/ etc.)

It's fun to have a "coach" walk me through. I so need to have my hand held :)

Karianne said...

We actually had the corn chowder from the happyfoody site that Melissa made last week. We grubbed! It was soooo good. And easy.

I want to try the strawberry pie next.

Honestly, I wouldn't have even thought to do any of this except Melissa makes it look so yummy with her pics.

PiesBonitos said...

This is fascinating to me! I can definitely see how it would be SO much better for your body. Unfortuantely I would have to teach myself to enjoy raw. As it is, I have to force the stuff down. I have been trying though, now that I'm not constantly sick. I have been eating a salad every single day. But it probably gets voided out with the other crap I eat. Go raw girls, go! :)