Friday, May 9, 2008

You gotta love it!

You have to LOVE at text like this.

Sitting at the computer last night, my phone vibrates next to me. Focusing on the screen, here is what I read:

Kickin it 2mrw nite 4 misty's bday. Work it out

Which roughly translates to, GIRL'S NITE OUT!!

Yeah baby. Getting out my dancing shoes, clothes that borderline the boundary of if I should wear them at my age and my bail money (joking, as 2 of my bailed out friends are on probation and won't be with us tonight ) :)

And if my luck really holds out, I can find a super late sitter where hubby might be able to join us when the party really starts rockin!

Friday!!! Time to blow off some of this grrrrr ness lately! Sweat it out on the dance floor and start fresh tmrrw!!


Katya said...

Woohoo! You have an awesome night out! I'll confess, I'm a little jealous.

KrayonKel said...

how was it?