Monday, November 26, 2007

7 Things About Christy

No picture this time but it will come before the end of the month. I'm feeling FAT right now-- uggg :(

Anyway, here are my 7 random things:

1. I'm a school Psychologist part time

2. I love to snowboard with my kids (and hubby too) and have been snowboarding since collage.

3. I use to weigh 300 pounds (had Gastric bypass 8 years ago- wish I could say I lost it the hard way but I didn't-- but it worked)

4. I have 2 sons (bio ages 7 and 9) and we adopted our daughter from China in May 2007 and she just turned a year-- ya Mia

5. My hubby and I have been together since we were 16 years old (we are now both 35-uggg)

6. I could shop everyday all day (I genuinely love to shop) nonstop in heels-- seriously, I suffer through the pain for fashion sake

7. I hate to clean my house. I will keep it picked up and the couches fluffed but you will not catch me deep cleaning. Cant afford to pay a house cleaner but we do for the sake of cleanliness.


Ashley Winters said...


I am with you on the shopping! I absolutely love to shop and could make a career out of it ... if I only had the money!

Karianne said...

I have a friend that just had gastric bypass this year and she is doing great! I'm so proud of her and of you for doing right by yourself and your family.

I also cannot stand to clean, but I do so for the sake of my sanity of living with my husband. I should have known, he's such a neatfreak!

3 Beauties said...

Congratulations! I have worked with at least 12 people who have had bypass surgery. It is a huge comittment, and I am proud of anyone who can take the steps required to help themselves.

AND I loath cleaning. I actually think it would be an ok thing to do, IF I had the TIME! But it since I don't, I do what I can. I am sure all of you ladies can agree with that concept!

Karen Beth said...

I could shop all day everyday too, especially if I had a lot of money to spend!