Monday, November 26, 2007

A Photo (Not) and 7 Things

I've been trying to post my photo here and a video to share for the past hour or so and giving up for the time being will make me very happy! But, they will be posted at some point by Friday, I hope.

Here are my 7 things that Christine asked for a while back:

1. I'm not a "holiday" person. Instead of forcing myself to feel like certain days are holidays, I try to make every day a holiday. Kind of corny, but Ivy and I celebrated the last day of using her baby carseat a few years back and that was one of my favorite holidays ever! Other than that, my birthday is my FAVE day of the year.

2. Although I'm not going to Artfest this year, I am participating in one of their extracurricular activities. I've joined the "fatbook" group twice! Sometime in April I will get 2 fatbooks with about 40 pages each, one of which will be my submission. The theme is "forest floor". I've been working on my page all day and I'm not too pleased yet. But, it will get there.

3. My fave part of the thanksgiving meal is stuffing.

4. This year, my spa partner and I went to black angus for Thanksgiving. We both had prime rib and lobster. I could so get used to that!

5. I'm craving stroganoff for dinner.

6. I'm totally into winter hats this year. My first one that I bought about a week ago for $15 has been worn 4 out of the last 7 days. The other one I've worn once. I barely have to wear a coat I'm so warm.

7. I've regained my rockstar status in the eyes of my nephew Juju. This weekend he asked me specifically to play guitar for his band, 'roadkill'. Yep, he's eating his hat and I'm loving it!

Who's next? Let's get to know each other!!


Karen Beth said...

I don't remember Christine asking for seven random things but I, incidentally, just posted six random things about myself on my blog today. You can see it at:

That is so funny that you call it stuffing, Karianne. We call it dressing. :)

KrayonKel said...

#7. I'm such a comment whore. (Of course so is my friend Kelly.)

I've never really had lobster--unless you count a bite in a bit of dim sum Chinese food. Mmmmm... I bet I'd really like it. Yum!

alisonwonderland said...

i can't believe i didn't leave a comment here before! (i think i was a bit traumatized by the thought of finding a photo of myself to post.)

my fave part of thanksgiving dinner is stuffing too! (and we call it stuffing, not dressing.) and i could also get used to prime rib and lobster!

i'm wondering how i would look wearing a winter hat. i may have to consider that ... i'm so cold.

Carrie said...

I can't believe it's been so long since I've been here... when I got that really bad bout of m/s, I totally fell of the train and never got back on. Sorry, girls!

Karianne, loved your list! My favorite part of the turkey day is stuffing too (specifically my mom's homemade stuff), and mashed potatoes are a close second. :)

Katiefucious said...

I have no excuse--I'm just bad at commenting on people's blog posts.

I do read them, though, even if I don't comment.

For your information, steak and lobster is my second favorite meal. Second only to my mom's authentic Vietnamese. Surf n turf FTW!!

3 Beauties said...

1)I swear I read this AND posted a comment when it went up. Where the hell is it? Am I on crack again?

2)Am I the only person on the planet that does NOT like stuffing? BLEEHHH

3)With the new short hair, winter hats seem to be a little more risky. I come out looking like a scared bird. Imagine that as you go to the hospital for testing next time...the person coming to get you for your test with hair sticking up like a turkey fan.... Sexy!

4)I'm excited about your Guitar Hero rockstardom! I am also envious of regular time with your family and want to move nearer to have some fun. I guess that will be in my dreams type of stuff, huh?

Karianne, Thanks for the fun post and sorry to be such a loser on time management.

much love to you!