Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday has arrived!

For serious bargain hunters, today is "D-Day!" It "D" for waking up at Dawn to Drive to the malls and shopping centers in search of the best Deals. A few of my friends and family members take this day very seriously. They look forward to it every year and spend a great deal of time reading through newspaper inserts dreaming up the perfect gift lists for their loved ones. One of my dear friends is so energized by "D-Day" that she will shop for 4-5 hours straight after running on little sleep the night before. Last year, she happily told me that she was able to save $300 on her bargain shopping.

While it's nice to see my friends' out there spending the day doing something they love, I prefer to avoid shopping on Black Friday. Rather, I like starting earlier in the year, at least by October, casually buying things that pop out at me as a great gift for 'Uncle Matty' or 'Cousin Joe.' My all-time favorite way to shop is online. It's so relaxed and convenient. Best yet, my two energetic children are usually asleep in their beds at night when I am free to peruse the plethora of online shops. Online shopping has so much to offer and is so easy that it makes me sometimes question why anyone would choose to spend their time driving to a mall, fighting large crowds or standing in long lines to pay for something, especially on Black Friday. I guess it just comes down to choice. Would you rather buy a bra online or in the store? I've done both my friends. I've done both, but not on Black Friday!


KrayonKel said...

Yeah, I'm an online shopper too.

I'm feeding a friend's dogs; so since I was up, I went out for a little. I need some long-sleeved stuff, but not bad enough to wait in that humongous line at Kohls. Not for one shirt.

I did go to IKEA though. They had a free breakfast, and I had a coupon for $10 off $10. So basically it was like, "Go find $10 of stuff and you can have it!"

When I know exactly what I want, it is worth it. But other than that, I would rather deal hunt all year, and sleep on D Day! :)

alisonwonderland said...

the idea of getting up early to go shopping is the most repulsive thing i can think of! i don't particularly like shopping under the best of circumstances - and i don't do well when i don't get my sleep. so i'm at home today, reading and eating thanksgiving leftovers. :)

Karianne said...

Today I had to head to the bank which shares a parking lot with our local mall. I was SHOCKED at the traffic and it was noon! My friends had warned me before hand about not coming down to that area of town and now I see why.
I'm sure that if I would have been able to face the crowds w/o the kids and possibly with a pal or a sister, Black Friday may be quite fun.

Thanks for joining us Ashley. The more happiness the better!

3 Beauties said...

Hi Ashley, I'm Natalie and I also dislike shopping with everyone on the planet getting in my way. Online shopping is very easy, but I also like to go downtown to the local shops to do some shopping if I can. Some things I have to go to the chain stores to make it affordable, but I do what I can.

Thanks for joining our little party here by the way! ;)

Karen Beth said...

I didn't buy a thing on BF. Yay! I've gotten a lot of mine done already though which is great!

Anonymous said...

I am not an online shopper, but the etsy shops have tempted me!

Karen Beth said...

I've done a lot of shopping online, especially using my MyPoints. I love that program.

I've bought a lot on Etsy too! I will decline to say whether they are mostly presents for me or for others. Hee heee. :) I love Etsy!!!