Monday, November 26, 2007

***Picture Perfect***

Well, you guys make me happy! But what is so weird is that I have no clue what you ladies look like! So I propose we post pictures of ourselves.

Like Melissa's blog says. . . "Just Me!"

And since we are a creative lot, I thought I'd make a little competition of it. Try and be creative with your shots because I have a special gift for the Best Photo! (BTW, I'm the judge!) :)

I'll post a pic of me when I get home. And of course I can't compete. Anyways, I'm already a winner with friends like you gals! (

**Did I hear a groan?**

Here are a few simple rules/guidelines:
• Please be horizontal.
• Post sometime before the end of the month.
• You and you alone are the model.
• Try and be as current as possible.

And most importantly, submit something! I want to see your bright shining faces!


3 Beauties said...

I wonder if I can get Bandit to use my camera.....:)

KrayonKel said...

He IS a wonderdog!

Karianne said...

Alrighty! Looks like I'm going first...

Karen Beth said...

Hmmmmmm... neato. I'm trying to think of what I might photograph of myself that would be of any interest at all. Do we post here? I would assume so. Let me put my thinker on. :)