Tuesday, November 27, 2007

seven random things about alisonwonderland

  1. i don't particularly like capital letters (as you can tell).

  2. i'm the oldest of seven sisters, no brothers.

  3. i love diet coke with lime, chocolate in many forms, and microwave popcorn.

  4. one of my earliest memories is of being on a ferry boat near seattle. another is of a thunderstorm.

  5. i hate to put clean clothes on a dirty body. i shower in the morning and once i’m dressed generally that’s it. i will sometimes dress “down” into sweats and a tshirt, but i will never dress “up” without another shower.

  6. i hate to wear shoes. i'm almost always barefoot indoors, and unless it's really snowy, i'm usually wearing my favorite sandals outdoors.

  7. i don't particularly like having my photo taken, so i'm not sure if i'll get something posted before friday - but i'll think about it!


KrayonKel said...

I'm TOTALLY a barefoot gal too. I used to walk around barefoot ALL THE TIME at my old job. Now I take my shoe off occasionally, but always put them back on when I'm walking around.

And Alison (said in whiny voice) you haaaaaaave to poooooostt a piiiiiictuuuure!!!!! Puh-leeeese!

Christy said...

Love the clean body thing. That is so funny!!! I too am barefoot all the time but unfortunatly my heels show the torture with all the cracks. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

Christy :)

CresceNet said...
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Karianne said...

I'm the oldest too, but of 6. Boys and girls.

I'm backing up Kelly's plea.


Karen Beth said...

I can't put clean clothes on a dirty body either. Ick.

3 Beauties said...

AAAAlllllliisooooooonnnnnnnn! Please put up a picture! I am struggling to find one that only has me as the subject. But I'm gonna find one! Some where!

Kelly do these pics have a time limit? Do they have to be recent or will a baby photo of me do? :)

Ashley Winters said...

Diet coke with lime sounds good!