Monday, November 26, 2007

Seven Things About Me

1) I love M&M peanuts, Mallowmars, and anything chocolate!

2) I am allergic to seaweed!

3) I had back surgery resulting in a car accident in 1984 and have titanium rods fused to my spine. (No back pain or problems thankfully!)

4) I love listening to and singing along with music (anything from Pop to Jazz).

5) I'm a middle child!

6) I enjoy hiking, photography, scrapbooking and travel.

7) I went kayaking in New Zealand.


Karianne said...

Thanks Ashley!

How in the world did you figure out that you were allergic to seaweed? Was it because of food or because of a beauty product?

My mom just had back surgery last week and I'm so glad to hear that you don't have any problems because of it!

Christy said...

I wish I could be allergic to seeweed. I love sushi rolls but hate the seeweed taste. I have them prepared with soy paper. They actually taste good that way.

Thanks for sharing your info. I too am a middle child-- poor us!

Christy :)

Ashley Winters said...

I discovered that I was allergic to seaweed while visiting Cancun during my teen years. After swimming in the ocean, a giant piece of seaweed scraped against my arms and legs, leaving me with a rash that lasted for about two weeks. Ever since, I have been afraid to try seaweed sushi rolls!

KrayonKel said...

Mmmmmm.... chocolate!

My MO roommate wants to be a spine surgeon and do surgeries like yours.

Ooooo! One day I want to go to New Zealand. How fun!

Karen Beth said...

Ashley... Wow, we have a lot in common!

I had back surgery in 1994 for scoliosis. I had a reconstructive spinal fusion and have steel rods attached with screws to my lumbar spine and fused together with one of my ribs (yes, I'm minus a rib on my left side). I do have back issues with it still though. Ugh.

I'm also a middle child, love photography and love to travel!

Nice to meet ya!