Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have had two pregnancies that ended with healthy little boy babes for me! Before having them though, I had two heartbreaking miscarriages which have changed me forever in numerous ways. Some positive, some not so positive. One of the negative (??) things it has done to me is stolen my pregnancy innocence. I'm always kind of hoping with a guarded heart. Anyway I felt flutters last week at 11 weeks pregnant. I know it's early but I'm not a big person and I always feel my babes pretty early. It's nothing regular or strong, but it's definitely flutters. I adore feeling those first few flutters because not only does it mean that my little person is growing like s/he should, but also it means I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that I am getting past that point where you feel pregnant but don't have any physical signs that anything is really happening in there.

I'm also glad to say I've gained a pound back. I've lost 10 from my morning sickness, and my doctor was starting to get worried. So hooray for my pound (who-duh thunk I'd ever say that? LOL) AND hooray for a sign that my little person is alive and well!


Karen Beth said...

I've never been pregnant so I can't imagine the worries that go along with it. I'm also very excited about your "flutters" too. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Karen Beth :)

KrayonKel said...

That is so cool! I can't even imagine. The only flutters I get in my stomach is from gas. ;)

alisonwonderland said...

congratulations! i'm so very excited for you!

Katya said...

Congratulations! That is such an amazing feeling, I am sure.

Yay for gaining weight!

Christy said...

I am so happy about that! It really makes it real when you finally feel them inside you!!!


Christy :)

3 Beauties said...

Carrie I completely understand guarding your heart/mind/world until you are through the first trimester. After working with premies for years, I was a neurotic mess during my first trimester with Allison. Congratulations on the milestone, and the HUGE sigh of relief.

You go girl, gain that weight! Keep feeding mini-you and tell her/him to lighten up! There is way more for her to see than a toilet bowl! ;)

hugs, hugs, hugs

Karianne said...

Carrie, I also had 2 miscarriages before Ivy that devastated me. When I was pregnant with Ivy, I couldn't relax ever! I even ordered one of those at home dopplers to ease my fears, otherwise I would have went crazy. I'm so happy that things are progressing and that you are feeling better. I'm so excited for all of you.