Saturday, October 13, 2007

washable crayons

I don't know if anyone else can sing the praises of Crayola for coming up with Crayon that washes off, so I will.


Today Allison decided to color most of my laptop screen blue. I like blue, think it's a great color. But I would much rather see what I was searching for. So when I got out the paper towel and Windex and watched the blue wipe right off, I smiled.

Ah the small and easy things in life.


Karianne said...

Anything that makes parenting easier should make this blog! My kids seem to always get ahold of ballpoint pens, so I haven't yet had the luxury of washable crayons yet!

PiesBonitos said...

That rocks! Not that she colored on the screen, but that you could get it off easily!

Katiefucious said...

It's the small stuff that makes life easier! Like washable crayons, band-aids (they make everything better), or self-sealing envelopes. :)