Monday, October 8, 2007

Fresh Flowers In A Vase

Last week when I went to my new counselor she had a tiny office space. What endeared me to her off of the bat was that she had two tiny bouquets of mixed flowers. One on a small side table and one on the filing cabinet. Since our appointment last week, I've thought about those flowers a lot. I smile.

Tonight after a meeting I went to a friend's apartment. She had been in a funk, but when I walked in, there was a bouquet of yellow tulips in a modern glass vase. I kept telling her how happy I was to see the flowers in the house. Almost like a visual sign that she had turned the corner towards happiness.

Tomorrow I am going to buy myself some fresh flowers and arrange them in small vases around the house. Looking forward to that makes me happy. And then I will be happy fixing them up. And then I'll be happy looking at them and sharing them with my family. That's a lot of happiness for under $15!


Melissa said...

my mom never bought flowers growing up....always said "they cost too much and then they just die". That was always my acquired theory until college.

I had a roomate who would always buy a bouquet at farmer's market or even a single carnation at the grocery store. She always had some sort of flower on her little dorm desk, lighting up a tiny spot, bring a little joy.

I still don't buy flower much myself, but after reading this, I want to.....maybe you CAN buy happiness????

3 Beauties said...

I too love flowers. They are an instant day brightener in my book. It doesn't matter what kind or where they came from, I love flowers. Yes they may die in a few days. But in the time they are there looking pretty, they make my life a little less tedious.

Making everyone who deals with me a little happier too!

Karen Beth said...

I love fresh flowers and always have them around me when I have my own house (hope to again very soon).

Enjoy yours! You deserve them!!!

xoxoxoxoxo... :)

PiesBonitos said...

Fresh flowers are awesome, I agree!

I use my own vases and go get only $7 worth of fresh flowers. But they fill the vase up so nicely and add enough spark to be worth it. I used to do it more often. I want to do it again. You've inspired me.