Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happiness Is...

Happiness things I experienced this week:

-receiving a sweet card in the mail from someone who cares for me.

-finishing up my first big project on time.

-receiving a telephone call from a friend out of the blue just to see how I am.

-enjoying my favorite TV show with my favorite old roommate. (even from afar)

-having lunch with a new friend.

-enjoying the first taste of a just-out-of-the-oven cinnamon roll.
(the second and third bites aren't too bad either!)

-knowing that dad is doing well after having his pacemaker surgery.

-being able to take a quick IKEA run after work.

Happiness things I hope to experience very very soon:

-unpacking the very last box!


3 Beauties said...

Does that unpacking the last box part mean you really aren't coming back? ;)

I'm so jazzed that you had a good week. Congrats on the 1st project success. I am also excited about the lunch with a new friend part too! I miss you greatly, but am glad life is humming along for you. And the IKEA, oh the IKEA.

love,love,love to you!

alisonwonderland said...

great list of happiness! :o)

Karianne said...

I didn't think that Ikea and quick could appear in the same sentence! We have been in our house for years. We still have boxes packed in the garage. You will be queen if you do get that last one unpacked.

Melissa said...

you mean people unpack ALL their boxes when they move? :)

Karen Beth said...

Isn't happy mail FUN!?? I think so. I love my pen-pals (nod to Karianne) and love participating in swaps. They just make me happy!