Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just to clarify...

Hey all... This is Karen Beth. :)

Whenever I post, it posts under Recy Vintage & Creations. This is the only Blogger blog that I have registered and Blogger won't let me post under anything else. Booooo!

My REGULAR blog, and the one I hope you all will visit is

I don't update the Recy one very often at all and it is more of a business-y blog anyway. Zazazu is my personal blog and probably - hopefully - a bit more interesting.

Just wanted to clarify!


Karen Beth :)


Karianne said...

I'm adding in my clarification too. KB's Zazazu blog is thought provoking, peaceful and a wonderful place to rest your eyes and join a swap or 2. Be sure to head over there when you get a chance.

Melissa said...

I second all that Karianne said. I love KB's blog, and I usually leave there feeling like things are a little bit better in the world.

Karen Beth said...

Thanks you two! I do hope everyone will visit when they can. I'm participating in NaBloPoMo so there will be lots of posting there in the upcoming weeks!