Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love Washington.

Where I live makes me really happy. I grew up in California, and I loved it, but there are such vast differences between the two places, and it is these differences that make me love where I live so much.

When I was growing up, scarves and hats were fun items for my dress up box. Not items that I actually wore on a daily basis. Now I own more scarves and hats than any one woman should, and they are all used regularly. Scarves are my favorite accessories, and I believe it's positively unhealthy for a person to venture out in the fall and winter without a hat on. I love living somewhere where I can wear these things as more than just dress up items.

Next, and everybody say it with me: Seasons! Now, I have met quite a few transplants from the east coast who are quick to inform me that I haven't SEEN seasons until I've lived in [insert East Coast State here], but let me tell you, for this California girl who grew up with more palm trees than actual foliage, I did not know what Fall was until I moved to Washington. I love it. LOVE IT. I even enjoy the rain. Growing up we would get about one month of rain a year, and rain was probably not the right word, anyway. More like a drizzling. I love our windy, cold, sideways, pelting, sometimes slushy with snow rain.

My first white Christmas ever was my first Christmas in Washington. That was the Christmas of '96, known to people from my area as the year of "the Ice Storm". I love snow. Especially snow at Christmas.

I love that for me, Ugg boots are not a fashion statement, but the best possible way to keep feeling in my toes during our cold weather months.

Not to mention how green this state is. There are so many places to go and enjoy nature. I love beaches with rocks instead of sand. Call me crazy. I love that our state "gem" is petrified wood. No joke. That's amazing! So sorry to bore you all with my Washington state is the best talk, but living here makes me happy.


Christy said...

I am so with you on the seasons things. I like living in So California but I hate the fact that in late October it is 90 degrees outside-- it's just wrong. I would love to live in a place that has seasons as well as a place that is GREEN!!! We litereally live in the middle of a desert--ugg!! Oh well, I guess there are positives of living here-- help me remember!!

Christy :)

Melissa said...

Katya....yay for Washington and their inhabitants! (Incidentally, I live here too!) I have to stand back sometimes to really see all the goodness here!

Karen Beth said...

I love season changes too, although I've never witnessed them in Washington. I've never even been to Washington. We have a lot of girls here from Washington too, don't we? Am I the only Southern gal?

I'm so glad you like it there and, I agree, scarves rock!


Karen Beth :)

Karianne said...

Well, count me in for WA as well! Isn't that funny? I love the season changes as well. I just wish that spring and summer were a lot shorter! Bring on the fall!