Sunday, October 21, 2007

From A Newbie!

Blogging has become a new addiction and I feel fortunate enough to have been invited to participate in "A Continual Happiness". I have enjoyed reading this blog and love the idea of posting those things that make each of us happy. In a world of many things that do not necessarily make us all happy, it is nice to be able to escape to a place where happiness is paramount.

So, what makes me happy? My family is number one- My husband Kevin- My 9 year old son Ethan- My 7 year old son Owen- My 11 month old Mia. Five months ago today our daughter Mia was placed in our arms for the first time in Hunan China. I had dreamed about that day for over 2 years and it was a day that I can say made me more happy then words can express. Here is a little part of that happy day:

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Part 2 to Video

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Thanks to all the other contributors for allowing me to be a part of your happy place!!!

Christy :)
PS- If you want to follow my families journey on my blog it is


Melissa said...

Oh man...a kleenx moment for sure. How precious. I'm sure that moment will be burned into your memory for life. I cna't imagine the emotions floating around in that room...

Karen Beth said...

What a beautiful video! This almost made me cry... :)

I'm SO glad you are here with us on our little Happiness blog and that you shared that with us. What a beautiful family you have! (Can't wait to see pictures of your boys too!)


Karen Beth

Christy said...

Hi guys,

I should have left my blog address in the origional post. I think I will add it. If you want to see my whole family and follow our journey on my blog it is

Chrsity :)

Katya said...

Welcome to our little blog!

PiesBonitos said...

Oh gosh... she is beautiful! I feel so honored that you shared this with us!

HUGS to both you and Mia!

Karianne said...

Oh, you made me go back with this video! Mia and Bec were so similar in their reactions to their daddys. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience!

Karianne said...

PS. You are all adorable!!