Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Simple Visit

Tomorrow will mark the third week in a row my mom has come over for a visit. What's so special about this? Well, my mom used to visit me often before I had children, and even semi-frequently after the birth of my first son. Then the visits slowly became less and less frequent. I often felt confused and saddened as to why she did not want to visit me. Especially when I was very sick during my pregnancy with my second son and could have really used a helping hand from my mother. Last year I found out why. My mom has cancer. We didn't know it. She didn't know it. But she knew she didn't have energy and didn't feel well, but was afraid to tell us. So for several years I really thought my mother simply did not want to visit me and was very jealous of my brother and sister who still lived at home at the time at saw her often. My mother has an incurable blood cancer. Incurable, but treatable. For maybe as many as 15 years (but I am seeing beyond that in positive thinking!). Anyway, chemo has been over for 6 months now, and she is starting to really recover. She has her ailments, the side effects from both the cancer and the chemo, but she has her stamina back. She also has that spark back in her eye that I have always known to be there. For three weeks in a row she has volunteered to come to my house. She plays with my kids. She watched TV with me. She helped me fold laundry. A simple visit. Even sitting on the couch. Or drinking tea. Anything. Is a lot more reason to be thankful for than it used to be.

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Not trying to remain annoymous or anything on purpose.


Christy said...

WOW!!! THat really puts so much into perspective. That is very special and I am glad you mom is able to be a more active part of your life.

Christy :)

Katya said...

What an amazing way to "reframe" what could be a negative into a very obvious positive! I'm glad your mom is doing well, and that you are able to see her more regularly. That's awesome.

Karen Beth said...

I'm so glad that your Mom is doing better now after her diagnosis and chemo. I'm also glad that you now know why she wasn't able to visit you regularly. I'm glad things are getting back on track for you both!

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Please bookmark it everyone! :)

Karianne said...

Your mom is such an amazing woman. Like Mommy like Daughter!

I'm so glad that you have had the help! I'd be hiding out in a hole about this time in my pregnancy! Brave girl!

3 Beauties said...

YEA! That is a wonderful post Carrie. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful "revolation" with us. There are few things that can be so blessed or damaging as the relationship with your mother. I am also glad to hear she has been a diagnosis and treatment. It is great to hear that you have this opportunity to spend with her and she with you. It is wonderful for the support of family, especially in such a glorious and nauseous time.

Yea for you!

Katiefucious said...

If my mom stopped coming over, I would feel the same way. Good to hear that she is back in your life!